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Why Monitor?

  Monitoring is initially required by ICAO Annex 6, Annex 11 and Doc 9574
  Monitoring via the EGMU is a flexible and cost-effective means of verifying the height-keeping
   performance of aircraft

New Long Term Monitoring Requirement

  All aircraft operating in RVSM airspace (FL 290-410) will participate in a monitoring program
    in accordance with ICAO standards and FAA regulations.
  Long Term Monitoring - Operators issued US RVSM authorization will be required to conduct
    a successful monitoring flight every two years or within intervals of 1,000 flight hours per
    aircraft, whichever period is longer.
  Operators have until November 18, 2012 to comply with the Long Term Monitoring Requirement.

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RVSM Approvals (US, Canada, and Mexico)

An abridged version of the U.S. Operator/Aircraft RVSM Approvals Database is posted on the RVSM Documentation page of the RVSM web site.

  Commercial Approvals Commercial Approvals in Excel format    Commercial Approvals in PDF format

  IGA Approvals IGA Approvals in Excel format    IGA Approvals in PDF format

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  Monitoring Application PDF icon

  CSSI Credit Card Authorization Form PDF icon

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  World’s leading provider of RVSM monitoring services

  The GMU is a convenient, cost-effective and flexible
    solution – wherever…whenever! CSSI can monitor
    onboard your aircraft as an alternative to overflying a
    ground-based unit

  Monitoring via GMU is highly reliable with over 15,000
    flights being performed by this method

  Competitive pricing with service level options to meet all
    operator monitoring needs

  Our responsive team of aviation professionals can be
    readily available at your location within 24 hours

  Our World-Renowned team of RVSM subject matter
    experts is always available to answer your questions

  We are a trusted partner to the FAA

  Our notification procedures system provides operators
    with status updates on their data throughout the
    monitoring process

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